Scottsdale Fashion Square's exterior at dusk

One-of-a-Kind Art Walk

It’s no secret that Wonderspaces, a world-class art show with a rotation of mind-blowing curated installations from world-class artists, has taken Scottsdale Fashion Square by storm, however the art experience doesn’t just stop there. In fact, Scottsdale Fashion Square shoppers and visitors alike can find numerous works of art scattered in and around the region’s leading luxury retail center. From iconic statues to architectural elements outfitted in regal splendor, art is woven into the very fabric that is Scottsdale Fashion Square. Art is an essential element of the retail experience Scottsdale Fashion Square strives to deliver. Fashion may be among the most practical forms of artistic expression, but there’s a definite intersection between art and style, and that mindset extends to the physical surroundings at the luxury retail center, as well. At Scottsdale Fashion Square, shoppers can find art everywhere they look, from the designer collections of some of the world’s most celebrated fashion retailers to notable on-mall art pieces, such as:

Mural inside Warby Parker with arizona depictions

Warby Parker Mural

To celebrate the city’s energy and outdoor activities aplenty, Warby Parker partnered with Scottsdale-born artist Zack Rosebrugh to create a mural inspired by life in Arizona. The artwork captures the playful spirit of taking to the outdoors, with hints of the local desert climate and, of course, glasses.  
Located inside Warby Parker, in the East Wing near Apple.
Crystal Column

Crystal Column

Sleek and refined, this Swarovski crystal-inspired column is a striking example of the intersection between technology and art. The remote-controlled column features color-changing LED panels that add ambiance and a soft glow to the court. Inspired by high-end Middle Eastern design, the column is reminiscent of a flute with light cascading downward.
Located in the Luxury Wing.
Yellow Goat -  Smoke Chandelier

Smoke Chandelier

This stunning Yellow Goat Design work emerges from the ceiling for a stunningly imaginative illumination of the shopping center’s Grand North Entrance. Metal rods of varying lengths in metallic tones of silver and gray transmit beams of light for a captivating prism-like effect.
Located in the Grand North Entrance.
Otto Rigan - Six Columns

Six Columns

A cluster of columns of varying height (the tallest towering at 18 feet) accent the entrance to the shopping center near the corner of Scottsdale and Camelback Roads. The columns, also created by Otto Rigan, are made of New Mexican travertine and imbedded with cast glass.
Located outdoors near the corner of Scottsdale and Camelback Roads.
Gary Slater - Devil Wind Sculpture

Devil Wind

This vibrant red steel sculpture sits outside the mall’s north side. The abstract art piece, which stands eight feet tall, was created by Gary Slater and has been on display at the shopping center for nearly three decades.
Located outdoors near Dick's Sporting Goods.

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